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In todays climate of soaring gas prices, international conflicts, and concerns about food availablity and quality there are highly profitable opportunities emerging in sustainable land development. Agriburbia® incorporates the current set of sustainable practices such as alternative energy, natural storm water management, and pedestrian focus and adds a new element that is the re-integration of food production directly within the living environment.

Agriburbia® aims to do this by focusing on agriculture as the centerpiece of both new and existing communities.

This "truly" sustainable initiative improves the quality of life by combining the best qualities of rural living with the advantages of urban conveniences and culture. The result is improved agriculture, enhanced development practices and the enrichment of the residents, tenants, and guests within these Agriburbia® mixed-use developments.

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Agriburbia provides a commercially viable mechanism for individuals and businesses to become more self sufficient and create truly sustainable communities.

In The News:
Rocky Mountain Green Conference 2014

Quint Redmond will be the Keynote Speaker at the Rocky Mountain Green conference in Denver, April 17th 2014. He will be speaking about infrastructure and supply chains for real local food.

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Presentation at Catawba College

Quint Redmond's recent presentation at Catawba College was covered by the Salisbury Post. The article quotes, "By the year 2050, the earth's population is projected to reach 9 billion people. When you say 2050, it sounds way out there," Redmond said. "But in terms of farming, it means there are only 39 growing seasons left to increase the food production to feed the population." That explains the sense of urgency Redmond said he feels every time he gives a talk or lecture on the concept of Agriburbia©. "Though people tend to bunch up and live together more like they did in the old days as the population grows," he said, "each person will still need 2,000 calories a day." "So it's a pretty interesting problem we have to solve, and it will require an increase in farmers to supply the food. We think the farmers are going to be the rock stars in the next 20 years," Redmond said.

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Speaker Request:

Many of Agriburbia®'s principal staff are available as public speakers. Their visionary principals relating to land use, food security planning, and carbon consumption modeling are foundations for engaging presentations and workshops.

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New Buyers' Club

Agriburbia is launching a new option for fans of our veggies. The Agriburbia Buyers' Club offers individuals and organizations a way to order our produce online and get special pricing.

Buying local and natural produce should be easy and flexible. Now you can join the Buyers' Club and manaage your regular supply of Agriburbia items online. Read more. . .