Agriburbia® Development LLC is a fully integrated real estate development firm that focuses on resilient  agricultural lifestyle communities. Since 2003 Agriburbia has been a leader in professionally operated farm community developments. Our goal is to establish and support metropolitan suburban communities that integrate our Agricultural Development concepts, local integrity, and healthy lifestyles. 
Agriburbia Development's focus on diverse market access allows engagement with many facets of creating a resilient future. We maintain a wide range of skills and services covering capital investment & land acquisition, professional land planning, farm design & engineering, agriculture-specific architectural design, technological advising, economic & agricultural feasibility studies, and more. By combining the positive cultural, physical and financial characteristics of both the urban and rural ends of the land use spectrum, we are creating an entirely new paradigm - not only a new way to live, but a new way to thrive. 
30 million farmers...
it's just that simple
Our company is presently seeking mixed use development opportunities in metropolitan suburban and exurban markets. Our team includes experts in Agricultural Development, land acquisitions, development funding and co-development partnerships. The Agriburbia Development model is ideal for professional developers, land owners, academic institutions, open space systems and golf courses that seek long-term stability and value. However, It is not limited only to these types of partners. The environmental, social, and financial benefits that Agriburbia enables can be realized by many partners in many different situations. Please contact us with any questions, comments or opportunities.